• Set of 24, three inch tall, tiny trumps
  • Animation showing how easy it is to peel off the back of a tiny trump and stick it to a wall
  • tiny trump with the slogan "Big Bullies Are Small People" shown in the palm of someone's hand
  • tiny trump with the slogan "Bigot" stuck to a protester's jacket
  • Three tiny trumps with the slogan "[Thumbs down], Sexist, and Fake News] stuck to an advertisement showing three women with open mouths screaming
  • tiny trump with the slogan "Putin's Little Bitch" stuck to a NYC subway sign indicating "President Street"
  • tiny trump with the slogan "Sexist" stuck to a urinal
  • tiny trump with the slogan "Danger US" stuck to a ruler, indicating it is 3 inches tall
  • The back of a tiny trump showing a peel off label with the following text: "tiny trump is guaranteed to minimize trump in your life! Put him somewhere, take a pic, and tag #tinytrump on social media. Then peel this off and stick him somewhere to minimize trump in other people's lives. It really works! Get more at maketrumptiny.com"
  • Variant showing a set of 12 tiny trumps, all stamped LOSER
  • A set of 12 blank tiny trumps, for people to write their own slogans
  • Variant showing a set of 12 tiny trumps
  • Variant showing a set of 36 three inch tall tiny trumps
  • Variant showing a set of 60 tiny trumps
  • Variant showing a set of 120 tiny trumps
  • Variant showing a set of either 240 or 480 tiny trumps in a dog bowl

    tiny trump

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    Pocket-sized cardboard protest stickers • peel-n-stick • three inches tall • great for social media • made in 🇺🇸 • enjoy & resist!

    Note: your order will contain a random mix.
    Loser • Big Bullies Are Small People • Enemy of the People • Cry Baby • Low Life • 72% Lies •

    I ❤ Kids in Cages • Property of Russia • Low Ratings • Racist • Family Separator • Sexist • Draft Dodger • Fearful of the Press • Fake News • FUX News • Con & Troll • Giant Narcissist • DangerUS • Thumbs Down symbol • Impeached • Bigot • DICK-tator • I ❤ White Supremacists • Mocks People with Disabilities • The Swamp • Lies Lies Lies • Heart LESS • American Virus • Anti-Science • Lethally Stupid • [black hole] • Unfit • All $ No ❤ • Epic Failure • Doesn't Keep Us Safe • No Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion • SAD • Cold As I.C.E • "I Don't Take Responsibility At All" • Fragile Ego • Pussy Grabber • Divider in Chief • Learn the Language! • Cheated on Wife, Taxes, Country • 

    I ❤ 2 Fight the Weak • Worst President Ever • Abandoned the Kurds • "Very Fine People on Both Sides" • Fascist Fascist Fascist Fascist • Pro Nepotism Anti Democracy • Un American • Homo Trans Xeno Islamo Phobe • Not President For All of Us • Wrong Side of History • Recommends Injecting Bleach • 

    I ❤ Me • Ignores Civil Rights for Photo-Ops • NO • So. Much. Losing • "It'll Be Gone By April" • Bad for Kids • Let's Russia Kill Our Troops • Had an affair with a porn star while his wife was at home with their 3 month old baby • blank so you can write your own. 

    I'm constantly experimenting with and adding new slogans. If you have ideas, hit me up on social media (links in footer) or email maketrumptiny@gmail.com.